Examples of DLC Facilitation Support Solutions

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Effective facilitation is an art—an art that meets the objectives of the program while engaging, challenging and encouraging participants.  Our team of professional facilitators works with learners around the world to achieve just that.

We often facilitate jointly with our client's internal experts to create a collaborative environment that encourages learners to set their own objectives and actions to ensure a sustainable level of performance.

  • Instructor-led Classroom / Workshop
    Our team has experience in a variety of topic areas including management training, customer service, coaching, technology, procedure, selling skills, operational skills and more.

  • Virtual Classroom
    Working in this virtual environment, our facilitators utilize specific questioning techniques, tools of the software and collaborative activities to engage a dispersed audience in the program.

  • Meeting Facilitation
    As facilitators and experts in performance strategies, our team can help you to conduct effective meetings that achieve your desired outcomes.

Often, the DLC team will facilitate a Train-the-Trainer program to enable the client team to roll out the program.  In a Train-the-Trainer program we not only focus on general facilitation techniques but also those specific to the program to be delivered.  These programs include practice, feedback and often observation of the first session delivered by each client facilitator.