Examples of DLC Performance Support Solutions

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performance support
Performance Support

At DLC, performance support solutions have always been a core part of our strategies.  These solutions support the learning events and are introduced and utilized within any program to ensure competence and confidence on the job.

Through an assessment of their job role, individuals may need task-based support, information, procedures, financial information, or quick and centralized access to tools such as financial calculators or other systems. The sole purpose of these solutions is to support the individuals’ on-going performance on-the-job!

Three examples of typical performance support are described below.

  • Online Help
    Our online help solutions put useful, concise and relevant information at the fingertips of the performers. Solutions may include context-sensitive help, screen-level help, task-based help, FAQs, glossaries and more.
  • Product Knowledge, Process and Procedures
    Most job functions require individuals to have specific product, process and / or procedure knowledge.  This information can be vast and detailed. We work with clients to organize and present this information in a format that is quickly and easily accessed, enabling individuals to achieve a high level of job performance.
  • Paper-based Job Aids
    In many cases, the performer requires a quick reference card or job aid that is paper-based and can be used in a number of different locations. Such job aids may be in the form of a deskpad, a tent card, a small pocket card / booklet, a sticker or other.

Always centred on the specific need, audience and work environment, our performance support solutions are customized to ensure they enhance performance and are simple to use.