strategic consultation
Strategic Consultation

Our clients look to DLC to assist with strategic direction or vision within their organization and how to best address related performance needs.  Examples of our consulting services include:

LMS/LCMS Consultation

  • Have you embraced an LMS yet?
  • Do you know if the business benefit would be worth the investment? 
  • Are you familiar with what an LMS or LCMS can offer you? 
  • Do you have an LMS / LCMS and now need to determine how to implement it and define the processes surrounding its use?
  • How would an LMS system fit into your existing technology infrastructure?
These are all questions our clients may face.  Working with the client, our team can help answer these questions and move forward in alignment with the organization’s business direction.

Global, Corporate Learning Strategies

Focusing on the desired corporate business goals we work with clients to create learning strategies at the global, corporate, department and individual role level.  Strategies include: competency definition, learning / performance objective hierarchy, audience and context assessment, implementation logistics, measurement strategies, etc.

Needs Analysis

In some cases our clients look to us to conduct an initial needs analysis to address a particular performance gap.  Our needs analysis report provides the client with the data (audience, causal, performance analysis) to make a decision on to address the performance gap and whether ‘training’ is really the answer.